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my younger sister is suffering from disc there is any product which can do anything for my sister?

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    There are many reasons for back ache. There will be disk related complaints, trauma, sprain, and many more reasons.
    With the help of ayurvedic medicines, siddha medicines, homeopathy, and other system of medicines, alternative therapies such as yoga and pranayama, you can prevent pain and strain in low backache.
    Even ayurveda Panchakarma treatment and physiotherapy is also useful. Mild low back exercises are helpful, you can do stretching exercises that help you to prevent low backache. Using package medicine for Low back ache is much beneficial. Panchakarma treatment: Herbal leaf treatment is helpful.
    Avoid consume gas forming food items such as potato, beans, etc.
    Do not bend forward and avoid lifting heavy objects such as buckets all of a sudden. You can use Triphala Churna regularly with warm water at bed time. You can consume one teaspoon daily.


    Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for Sciatica & Cervical Spondylitis, A completely safe and natural way for Spondylitis problems.

    Package Ingredients
    1. Divya Ekangaveer Rasa 10 gm
    2. Divya Pravala Pisti 10 gm
    3. Divya Brihad vat Chintamani Ras 1 gm
    4. Divya Swarna Maksika Bhasm 10 gm
    5. Divya Trayodashang Guggulu 40 gm
    6. Divya Chanderprabha Vati 40 gm
    Mode of Administration
    Medicine No.1,2,3,4 - Mix all these medicines together, divide into 60 part and take each twice on empty stomach in morning & evening with honey, warm / milk.
    Medicine No.5,6 - 1-1 tab. from each should be taken thrice a day after breakfast, lunch & dinner with hot water / milk.
    Dosage : 1 Month
    Prohibitions:- Avoid curd (yoghurt), butter milk, sour things, masa (urad dal), cauli-flower.

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