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How to make Cow Dung Incense at home Recipe (Formula)?

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    How to make Cow Dung Incense at home Recipe (Formula):

    Obtain one kilo of the following items and grind into a fine powder:

    1. Nagarmutha
    2. Ral
    3. Lal chandan
    4. Jatamachi
    5. Kapoor kajuri
    6. Ghee

    Mix the 5 powders together Sprinkle and mix in the ghee thoroughly Blend in three kilos of fresh Gober and again mix thoroughly. Keep the mixture in a covered pot so that it stays moist. It should be wet enough so that it stays together when pressed into cones or Dhoop sticks. Then dry them in the sun.

    We made some 2-foot frames out of half inch angle with screen and lay the moist cylinders on them and place the screens in the sun. They dry in two days of good sun.

    The incense offers a clean earthy and sanctified aroma akin to Tibetan incense. All of the ingredients are said to produce oxygen while burning.

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