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Overcoming your visitors’ “social saturation”

Nic Brisbourne recently posted on The Equity Kicker about “social saturation,” a concept put forth by the Forrester Research CEO George Colony to describe his finding that people are running out of time to give to social applications and software. … Continue reading

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How Q&A helps small businesses connect with customers

Social Q&A has a variety of applications, but small businesses have their own unique set of challenges, so I thought I’d spend a little time talking about how social Q&A can help small businesses create and maintain relationships with their … Continue reading

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Don’t Settle for Comments

A recent article on Mashable had some good things to say about how websites integrate community with content.  The author’s main gist was that site owners should not just give up on providing community and leave that to the likes of Twitter … Continue reading

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¡Degree3 Respuestas ahora disponible en español!

While I would love to write this blog post entirely en español, I’m afraid my three years of high school Spanish classes have faded far enough into ancient history that I’ll have to settle for my native tongue.  However, my deficiencies … Continue reading

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