New format in beta: Chicklets!

What is a chicklet you ask? Let’s start with what it isn’t.  It isn’t this:

It’s also not this:

No, it isn’t that.  When we here at Degree3 talk about chicklets, we aren’t referring to something as tasty or cute as the images above (respectively.  Or vice versa, if you’re a fan of chicken McNuggets.)

No, this is the kind of chicklet we talk about:

More helpful than cute or tasty

You’re probably already familiar with these chicklets for Facebook or Twitter, so we put together a chicklet you can easily put alongside your Facebook or Twitter chicklets, and it will show how many questions have been asked on that page, and your users can click it to ask or answer questions in a popup window, just like the other plugin layouts you’re familiar with.

This feature is in beta, so there may be some kinks, but we’d love to know if you like this layout and if you think it’s useful.

And yes, the Chicklet will work on the same page that’s already using a tab or module.

To try it out, go to your Dashboard, then click Get Plugin, and you’ll see an option for the Chicklet layout.  Chicklets are not yet available for the WordPress plugin – if you want them in WordPress, let us know!


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