An even faster way to help your visitors

It's hard to faithfully convey "fast" in a picture, so here's a picture of fast food. Credit: SteFou

Today I’d like to talk about a new little feature that I think you all will find very useful.  Until now, we have sent you (the webmasters) daily digests of Q&A on your sites, giving you a nice summary of the activity, but we heard from some of you that you wanted to know FASTER when your visitors had questions so you could get to them right away.

So, today we launched instant question notifications!  To turn these on, just sign in to Degree3, go to your Dashboard, and click on the new “Notifications” link under your site’s name.  Here you can control both your daily digests and your instant question notifications.

As always, keep those suggestions coming – we’re working to make Degree3 a better service for you!


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