Moderation Queue now live

While we normally recommend that you let conversation flow freely on your site, some site owners have communities or subject matters that are more sensitive and require active moderation. Our new Moderation Queue lets you review all new questions and/or answers before they are shown publicly on your site, so you can guarantee that only appropriate content gets shown to your visitors.

To enable your moderation queue, go to your Dashboard and click “Settings” for the site on which you want to enable the moderation queue. You can choose to review new questions before they go live, or new answers, or both. When you go back to your Dashboard, you’ll see that your site has a new “Moderate Q&A” link – this is where you can review and approve or reject new submissions. To keep the flow of conversation moving smoothly, we will notify you immediately via email when you have new submissions waiting to be moderated. Try it out, and let us know what you think!


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